Signs Point to Typhoon Lagoon Reopening Summer 2021


Walt Disney World’s far superior water park has been sidelined for quite a while, but it seems like guests may soon venture to Mount Mayday once more. And go ahead, Blizzard Beach fans, hate me for calling Typhoon Lagoon the better water playground… deep down, you know it’s true. I mean, I’ll go out on a ledge and say that Typhoon Lagoon is, in fact, the best water park on the planet.

First reported by Castlcake2.0 on the WDWMagic forums, and verified by additional unnamed sources, Disney is in the process of hiring cast members for the reopening of Typhoon Lagoon. Signs point to a summer reopening, and we’re hoping that Miss Tilly’s flume is finally working after the long downtime the park was given during the pandemic.

“Seems like a crew of college kids are being brought in to clean up the remnants of a major typhoon and return the area to a tropical paradise for locals to enjoy again sometime this summer…” — Castlecake2.0

While you won’t find me eager to return to a semi-crowded Magic Kingdom in the July Florida heat, a mostly-maskless trip to Typhoon Lagoon just might be one of the few ways Disney can squeeze some money out of me (we expect Typhoon Lagoon to follow Blizzard Beach’s more relaxed mask rules). Upon the return, I highly recommend all of you order the Sand Pail Sundae. I don’t recommend you eat the thing, unless you have an army of hungry ice cream fans or this is the cheat day of your life! But trust me, it’s worth it just for the number of people who will gawk at your monstrous dessert.

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You might recall that we strongly believed Typhoon Lagoon would open before Blizzard Beach. That was one of our few misses over the past year in reporting rumors from Disney World. But the wait is almost over, based on everything we’re seeing. So if you’re hoping to run into WDW Pro at WDW, just remember your best chance is on Castaway Creek; I’ll be the one chatting with a family member or friend, avoiding the little sprays of water from time to time, and pondering how good life can be.

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