Shrimp Po’ Boy Dog at Hot Dog Hall of Fame CityWalk Orlando


Personally, I do not often visualize the words “shrimp” and “hot dog” going together. However, I will write about theme park food. Currently, Mardi Gras season runs at Universal Orlando until April 24th, 2022. The chefs in charge of Hot Dog Hall of Fame decided to combine shrimp and hot dogs this year. The creation goes by the name of “Shrimp Po’ Boy Dog.”

Hot Dog Hall of Fame is in Universal Orlando CityWalk. This quick service location resides near Antojito’s Mexican Restaurant and Bigfire American Grill. The Mardi Gras themed menu board sign describes this creation as smoked andouille sausage, fried shrimp, lemon aioli, and Louisiana Hot Sauce on a hoagie roll.

The Mardi Gras menu item might intrigue you. The cost for just the Shrimp Po’ Boy Dog is $10.49. However, a side of fries costs only $1 more. Before we move on to the star of this entrée, the fries deserve some praise. In terms of theme park fries, these rate slightly above average. In fairness, theme park fries rarely get mistaken for gourmet food. Thus, the standard for fry quality is low. These fries, especially at this price point, add to a hot dog for a dollar deserve recognition.

So how was the Po’ Boy Dog? Let me start with the obvious. This combination creates a potential mess. Still, this should not be hard for anyone to imagine based on all these ingredients. The andouille sausage portion size provides value. The hoagie roll surrounding the sausage tasted decent. In addition, the surprising softness of the bread added to the quality of this meal.

When you took a bite of it with all the components included, the flavor was unexpectedly good. However, I am not sure I would race here for another one. This type of meal falls under the category of things I eat to write about. I dislike Louisiana Hot Sauce. The potential to burn out one’s taste buds with heat does not dissuade me. In simple terms, I dislike the flavor. I would select about 25 other hot sauces over this brand. Please bear that in mind as you are considering this quick service option and my review of it.

Now, let me describe the important stuff. Depending on what was included within your bite, your taste buds will be overpowered with a vinegar taste. Xavier, of Universal Food Blog, described the vinegar-like flavor as making the shrimp taste “fishy.” I understand that vinegar serves as a component for this creation. I prefer to taste more than just vinegar though. Some people express that this style of hot sauce often tastes too much like vinegar for them. Regarding the hot sauce component, the flavor added to the “Po’ Boy without being overwhelming.

If you think the combination of shrimp of an andouille sausage combined in a hot dog style form sounds good, you should try this. For those people brave enough to eat this, let the good times roll!

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