Should You Get the Chicken and Waffles from Cletus?


Would you buy chicken from a guy named Cletus? What if his full name was Cletus Delroy Montfort Bigglesworth Spuckler? If you are a fan of the Simpson animated franchise, then you have heard of Cletus. In the wonderful world of theme parks, Cletus’ Chicken Shack will sell you several varieties of chicken. At Universal Studios Florida, this chicken stand exists within the large food court Fast Food Boulevard. This food court draws large crowds, especially at lunch time. Mobile ordering is available. However, Universal Orlando often experiences glitches with their mobile ordering system-so be prepared if choosing that option.

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A popular option from Cletus’ Chicken Shack is the Chicken and Waffle Sandwich. This sandwich cost $14.49. Tater tots come as a side. You can choose to make this a combo for an additional $3.50. Universal Orlando likes to do the combo upsell. Not being a fan of the average “frosty” like shake at Universal Orlando that comes as part of several combo meals, I suggest avoiding it.

The menu description of this fast-food creation reads “double battered, extra crispy fried chicken breast between two waffles with maple syrup mayo.” As Universal Orlando tells you in the marketing of this place, fan favorite Cletus takes all the best parts of the chicken (we hope) and serves them up in true hillbilly style. If a stereotypical easily distracted hillbilly prepared a chicken and waffle sandwich, this menu item tastes like that.

Perhaps that comment rates as a bit harsh. Still, the waffles often taste below average. The chicken frequently tastes below average also. Just to clarify, I mean below average for theme park quick service. You usually get a small portion of tater tots. In addition, the tater tots suffer from inadequate preparation.

On the positive side, the maple syrup mayo provides a nice flavor for this otherwise merely adequate meal. Also, if you get a well-prepared piece of chicken and two good waffles, this menu item will be worth money paid.

However, excellent preparation happens less often than below average preparation. In fairness, the team members do their best here. Maybe the ghosts of poor quick service past restricts quality. I have reports of people enjoying this sandwich. However, in my personal experience and experience of most of the reports I receive, avoid this option. If you are a huge Simpson’s fan and must dine at Fast Food Boulevard, get the Krusty Burger. If you are in Springfield area of Universal Studios Florida finding yourself hungry, go to Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck. You will thank me later. I have written reviews of all the tacos there for this site. Just use the search feature on this site for “Tacos” to find some of them. As always, eat like you mean it!

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