Should Kilala Princess Be Adapted Into A Disney Plus Anime?


Recently Disney has been trying to diversify its lineup of content for their streaming service. From adding the mature rated Marvel shows originally developed by Netflix, to the variety of Star Wars shows, to being the exclusive destination for Pixar films. But one market that Disney Plus is lacking in is the Anime market.

Services like Netflix have a large library of content in that category while HBO Max has a deal to stream Studio Ghibli films; Ironic due to Disney’s past relationship with Ghibli. But Disney has begun the early stages of producing its own exclusive Anime content for their service. Series such as Disney: Twisted Wonderland based on the popular Japanese mobile phone game.

But there is one work that Disney had perviously lent its characters to that may serve as a decent series for an Anime adaptation. And that series would be Kilala Princess.

Kilala Princess was a Shojo Manga series written by Rika Tanaka, illustrated by Neo Kodaka and published by Tokyopop. The series consisted of 23 chapters in five volumes published between 2005 – 2008. 

The series follows Kilala Reno, a high school girl who is a big fan of Disney characters, especially the Disney Princesses. She looks up to them and dreams of one day herself finding her own Prince Charming, just like the Disney Princesses. She befriends Belle, Aurora, Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White and Jasmine and along the way learns what it truly means to be a princess.

The series was relatively popular, especially on Japan. A sequel series began in late 2020 where Kilala meets Mulan. The series only one volume so far.

This series could definitely lend itself to an anime format. The sort of slice-of-life concept mixed with the magic and wonder of the Disney Princesses is sure to attract both Shojo fans and Disney Princess fans. Especially with the lineup of Princesses having expanded since the series originally saw print.

Only time will tell if Disney would be willing to revisit this series and give it a proper adaptation for their streaming service.

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