Shop Disney Offers MerchPass But The Problems Persist And People Aren’t Happy


Disney has initiated their MerchPass as a way to make buying their collections like the Disney Castle Collection or Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction “more fair.” But it’s probably not.

Today was the lottery announcements for the delayed June release of the “Peter Pan’s Flight” Collection for the Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction line, and already eBay is flooded with the items, being marked up.  While many got nothing, again.

The talk online is about people using dozens of accounts to apply for the lottery and walk off with a bunch of items, while others couldn’t even get one. At least when they did it before people could get some things.

Other places were bragging online about the number of people that used their services and got items.

Many more than one item for sale, when some people couldn’t even get one.


People are not happy


I get where they’re coming from. I have collected them since it launched and this was the first time I could get nothing! I only wanted the plush and pins. But if people are creating hundreds of accounts and getting multiples, it’s no wonder a lot of us ended up empty handed. The further irony is that Shop Disney wants bloggers like me to promote their merchandise lines and events. I can’t even get the items myself, so why would I promote it and spread the disappointment?

The whole situation is a mess. I get that they thought this would be more fair, and IF people abided by the rules it would be. Going by the past issues with bots and scalpers I don’t know why they would assume rules would suddenly matter.

Congrats to those who got them. Shop Disney, prepare for thousands of fake accounts and emails because now that everyone knows that’s what the scalpers did, they are all going to do it too.

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