Shop Disney Decides To Mix it Up With Villains Midnight Masquerade Ursula Launch

Shop Disney decided to return to the virtual waiting room for the newest Midnight Masquerade Villains line. Ursula pins and doll were released today and there was no MerchPass.

Shop Disney did make the announcement yesterday on social media. But many likely didn’t see it.


I’m happy to see them stop with the MerchPass because it’s ridiculous. Every time they do it people are using hundreds of accounts to take everything anyways. Even going as far as selling the account sign in to buy the item and avoid the 2 per address limit on “wins.”

Some are mad that they got rid of MerchPass too. Because the scalpers will buy them all. Which, as I mentioned, is happening either way.

Here’s what people are saying today:


There honestly isn’t a way to make everyone happy, but MerchPass was abused so hard. Some people never got chosen at all even after they entered every time, while others would get selected for more than one chosen item.

At least now people have a chance.

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