She-Hulk’s Origin Changed For Disney Plus Series


With the new She-Hulk television series getting closer to release we will be seeing more and more of what the show has to offer.

Recently a brand new behind-the-scenes look at the show was released on the Marvel YouTube channel, giving us a better glimpse at what’s to come:

However one issue that many people take is that within the first few second they confirm that the origin story for the character has been changed.

The trailer shows that Jennifer Walters and he cousin Bruce Banner were in a car accident. In the accident some of Bruce’s blood spills into her bloodstream and in tern gives her a variation of his powers.

This is quite the different story from in the comics. Originally Bruce saved her life by preforming an emergency blood transfusion when a group of gangsters attempted to silence her. This gave her a variation of the Hulk powers. She wasn’t quite as powerful as her cousin but she wasn’t a raging uncontrollable monster like he was.

Video Courtesy of WatchMojo on YouTube

This news gave critics/skeptics for the show more ammunition as the series has already gained a somewhat negative reaction over the poor CGI quality (which may have a reason), the tongue and cheek feel it gave off and some of the awkward acting.

The teaser trailer also seems to show that she is somehow more powerful and better skilled than her veteran cousin, despite her being new at this. 

The series will be releasing on Disney Plus within the next few weeks and not that many people seem to be excited. Arguably the one thing people are most excited about is the cameo we’ll get from Daredevil

Are you looking forward to the series?

Source: TV Line

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