She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Lowest Rated MCU Disney+ Show on Rotten Tomatoes


Lately there has been a lot of discussion on social media and on pop culture blogs about She-Hulk’s reviews and ratings. As it currently stands ‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” is the lowest rated MCU show on Disney+, according to Rotten Tomatoes. But is this simply a case of misogyny trying to ruin a show?

When you compare the scores of all the MCU Disney+ shows they land in this order:

Loki sits at a 91% audience scorel

Hawkeye sits at a 90% audience score

Moon Knight is tied with Hawkeye at 90% for audience but below the critical score.

Wandavision, the first Disney+ show sits with an 88% score.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is at 83%

Ms. Marvel is at 80%

Finally She-Hulk: Attorney at Law sits with a 78%

It is important to note that She-Hulk is no where near finished and that number could go up or could drop depending on how good the show is.

Is the low score on She-Hulk simply the result of “review bombing” on sites like Rotten Tomatoes?

I would argue that it is not.

Firstly, there seemed to be a bigger effort to artificially boost the show on IMDb before it’s release. So that would indicate that both the top and lowest scores would cancel each other out and the average would give us a better idea of a score. Or as I like to say “the truth lies in the middle.”

Secondly, if it was all about voting down “strong female characters” why are some of the other show, that have strong female characters or leads doing better?

If the argument presented states that “toxic fans” or “misogynists” are purposely tanking shows with women then how could “WandaVision” and “Hawkeye” be so highly rated in comparison? Even the shows like “Moon Knight” have a female co-lead, so how is it ranked so much higher?

Maybe the shows that ranking lower just aren’t as “good” to viewers. Or maybe the expectations are high from the audience and they don’t feel the show meets those expectations? ‘Moon Knight’ and ‘She-Hulk’ were highly anticipated shows. Both are being introduced to the MCU via Disney+ and both had strong fan-bases from the comics prior to them entering the MCU fold.

She-Hulk has a large fan base and it’s made up of men and women. Maybe audiences are simply not liking the direction the show is in comparison. The comic had decades of content and loyalty and if the show veers from the comics, as I am hearing it does, then maybe that has more to do with it then “misogyny.”

Plus the argument that it is simply “misogyny” could itself be misogyny. There are a lot of women who also aren’t praising it and giving it high reviews. The implication that only “men” hate it dismisses those women. Only listen to the opinions of women who agree seems a bit “misogynistic” to me.

Frankly it’s too soon to say what the score means, because the show has only had two episodes aired. Disney+ shows for the MCU and Star Wars tend to start off slower and build. I often recommend people wait till it’s farther in or completed to watch them so they can be judged in their entirety. But that’s just this woman’s opinion.

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