Shanghai Disneyland Closes Due To COVID, Some Guests Not Allowed To Leave

(Photo credit: Disney)

Shanghai Disneyland immediately shut down today to follow the COVID-19 measures in the area. Cases in the mainland region have been over 2,000 for two days in a row. The shutdown caused many business to lock people inside across the area. At least in Disneyland the rides are still operating for guests, but the shops and park is shut down to anyone who isn’t already inside. Those inside are not allowed to leave right away. Some estimates have the number of people impacted at 60,000.

Guests can leave if they provide a negative COVID-19 test, however the government posted on their WeChat account that those who had been at the park after October 27 would need to take three COVID-19 tests over the next three days.

I don’t think guests that are there are trapped for three days even though it has been reading that way. UK News says that the people who must take three tests are those who have left visited and left the park since October 27th. Meaning people at the parks just need to show a negative test to leave.

People who visited the park from Thursday and returned home have been told they must quarantine until they have produced three negative tests in three days.

According to Twitter guests were provided with limited offerings and free dinner.

Source: Wion News,

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