Shang-Chi Will Likely Perform Better Than Expected at Box Office


It seems that ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ will outperform the original $35m-$55 million opening weekend estimates. Of course the media is still going on about beating Labor Day Weekend records, but again, the record is low at only $30.4 million set by the ‘Halloween’ horror movie more than a decade ago. Hollywood doesn’t usually release big films during Labor Day.  ‘Shang-Chi’ breaking that record was a given as the low estimates had it performing better than ‘Halloween.’

Now it does seem that ‘Shang-Chi’ will likely outperform the initial estimates. According to Deadline the three-day weekend estimate has it around $67.8M.  Which is a “win” by the estimates standards. This would put it behind Black Widow‘s $80.3 million three-day opening and F9‘s $70 million three-day opening. But there haven’t been a lot of large box franchise films this year so being third of three isn’t the “win” they will spin it as, but it’s still better than what it could have been.

If you add the 4th day for Labor Day the estimates take it $75 million-$85 million or more. Again, apples to apples the 4th day wasn’t added to the totals for the other films, so if they claim it’s a bigger opening weekend at those totals, that isn’t exactly the full picture.

All that being said. The film is actually pretty good. It does not feel like a normal Marvel movie at all and it’s easy to forget it’s part of the MCU. While the film does have some issues, it’s overall not bad. In our opinion it is better than ‘Captain Marvel’ and ‘Black Widow.’

Comic book fans may be a little bit more critical. The “rings” aren’t actually like the literal rings of the comic, each with a different power. They are power bracelets that seem to be all the same. So for my husband, who is a comic fan, he had more issues with the story than I did.

I would watch it again, and that is somewhat of a seal of approval from me.

Let’s hope it does beat expectations. I had more hope for this film that “The Eternals.” I still don’t think that one will perform all that well.

Just keep all the spin and hype in context. Movies aren’t usually opened this weekend, so any large film was likely going to do well and it’s a Marvel movie. Apples to apples.

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