Shaman Of Songs Breaks Down On Na’vi River Journey Ride in Disney’s Animal Kingdom


What’s scarier than the giant Shaman of Songs animatronic moving around? Nothing, but watching the animatronic move and then suddenly shut down is a close second. Guests riding on the Na’vi River Journey ride got to see what happens when the very large animatronic stops working.

Tik Tok user erinn_disneyplanner has a video posted where the Shaman is working and then suddenly stops and appears to go to sleep.


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It looks like something went wrong after she swung backwards.

In the past there have been times when the animatronic went down and they just move it back and put a screen in place. But it’s neat to see what it looks like when it actually shuts down.

Disney has been having a lot of animatronic issues lately. Just in the past week we had Abraham Lincoln and Ariel animatronic issues and now this.  Of course it’s to be expected as these animatronics are very sensitive and highly specialized. The Shaman is very specialized and quite large, so she does go down from time to time.

Now that people are streaming all the time it gets caught on camera more often.

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Source: @Erinn_Disneyplanner on Tik Tok and a friend

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