Seizures Reported from ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ Special Effects


There have been several reports via articles and social media, of fans having seizures, migraines and auras from seeing the latest Star Wars film.

Disney did put out a warning days before the movie premiered warning of the potential seizure and photo sensitivity issues due to the special effects in the film.

Fans are going to see it anyway and it is causing some of them issues according to the New York Post.

In New Orleans, 19-year old, Emily Suzanne Jones said that the strobing from the film was intense enough to cause her to leave the film and call a friend before having a seizure in the hallway outside the AMC theater she was at.

According to Jones the seizure only lasted 30 seconds to a minute but she had taken a dose of her anti-seizure medication when she felt the seizure coming.

Another person the New York Post mentioned is 23 year-old Megan Wharry, in Stockton, California. She also has epilepsy. Shortly before seeing the film she had already had a seizure. Wharry said she was able to sit through the movie but it triggered a migraine and auras.

“I thought about leaving the theater but then I toughed it out. … I did get up and go to the bathroom to feel better. Do I wish I listened to my body? Yes, but I liked the movie.”

Fans will be fans even if it means a seizure.

These aren’t the only instances according to the New York Post. There have been others reported online via social media as well.

“ least three other people on Twitter reported having them as a result of the film. At least two Twitter users said they witnessed people having seizures in the theater they were in — others still were forced to take emergency preventative measures.

Disney did let people know prior to the film that this could happen. Honestly, I figured it was just precautionary but it seems that there is a real risk here for those who could be triggered by the film. Perhaps Disney should tone down some of the effects, or at least make sure they edit them for the Blu-Ray release like they did with Incredibles 2.

Those of you that might be prone to seizures please keep this in mind when going to see the movie. So far there have only been a few instances reported, compared to the large amount of people who have seen the film, but I would err on the side of caution and heed Disney’s warning.

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Source: New York Post

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