Sebastian From The Live-Action Little Mermaid Looks Weird


The upcoming Live-Action Remake of Disney’s 1989 animated classic The Little Mermaid has seen quite the amount of backlash ever since its first trailer dropped last September. So far the trailer has hit 3.5 Million dislikes on YouTube and currently holds the record for most disliked Hollywood movie trailer.

A couple weeks ago they released another trailer entitled “Wish” which has also received massive downvotes. As of writing this article the video has 43,000 Likes versus 371,000 Dislikes.

This latest trailer shows poor CGI effects comparable to the recent Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. The poor CGI has affected multiple Disney productions due to the VFX department being overworked. In the recent trailer many people point out Ariel’s mermaid tail looking rather fake. Compared to the mermaids from 2011’s Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides which had much better looking mermaids.

But now the latest story surrounding the film is the “leak” of how Sebastian the crab will look in the film. Twitter user @mmdisney200 shared a piece if merchandise for the upcoming film, a puzzle. And on the box for the merchandise is a look at Sebastian.

The look they gave Sebastian looks rather realistic for what is supposed to be a singing crab with a Jamaican accent. The only part of him that seems to show any expression is his eyes.

This seems to indicate, like other remakes like The Jungle Book and The Lion King, Disney will be going for realistic animal designs. Many critics of films like The Lion King Remake said that the lifelike depictions of the animals takes away from their facial expressions, making it harder to relate with the characters versus their hand drawn counterparts.

Despite their best intentions it looks like The Little Mermaid might be a huge disappointment come this Spring when it releases. Audiences are starting to get tired of this trend. Look no further than the Live-Action Pinocchio Remake from last Autumn, which was lambasted by both audiences and critics.

What do you think of the hyper-realistic Sebastian? Will the new Little Mermaid be a hit or miss?

Source: Movie Web

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