SeaWorld Trolls the Closure of Splash Mountain


The sting of the closure of Splash Mountain at Walt Disney’s World’s Magic Kingdom is palpable. People are selling water on eBay from the iconic Magic Kingdom attraction for massive amounts of money. Yesterday, on its last day of operation, the lines to get on Splash Mountain were incredibly long.

Today, construction walls are surrounding the now defunct Splash Mountain as it begins to transform into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. The new attraction is said to be opening in late 2024.

To throw salt in the wound for many people missing Splash Mountain today, SeaWorld tweeted:

SeaWorld Orlando tweeted a picture of Journey to Atlantis, their log flume type attraction, that has a similar drop to that of Splash Mountain. The shade had been thrown with the caption of “Splashing by to wish you a happy Monday!”

SeaWorld Orlando’s Twitter page replied to a lot of the replies once saying in response to their burn of Disney adults that it’s “Just another day at the #CoasterCapital of Orlando 💅.” In another reply, they took seemingly took aim at the new Parking signs at EPCOT. They reply said, “Whatever you do, don’t add parking lot signs.”  SeaWorld Orlando’s Social Media team was certainly taking shots at Walt Disney World on many levels.

Universal Orlando’s Social Media team has certainly not given Walt Disney World any slack via Twitter in the past.  Now, it seems that SeaWorld Orlando longs to jump into the fray.

While many are sadly mourning the void of Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom, it seems that other Orlando area theme parks are ready to take aim and fire their shot at the loss of this attraction. Journey to Atlantis may not be superior to the former Splash Mountain, but SeaWorld does have a log flume attraction with a big ending drop.

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