SeaWorld Orlando Will Cap Attendance and Only Be Open 5 Days A Week To Start

Photo: Orlando Informer

Tomorrow is the reopening date for SeaWorld Orlando. According to the interim CEO Marc Swanson, the park will have an attendance cap at 1/3 capacity and it will only be open five days a week so employees can clean it better. It seems that Tuesdays and Thursdays are the days the park will be closed.

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that that these changes will occur with the reopening of the park tomorrow. Swanson sat down with the Orlando Sentinel to do an interview about the reopening and changes.

Here’s what he said about his feelings on the safety of the park:

I will tell you, personally, my family is going to be here too. And as a father of three kids, I wouldn’t take my kids anywhere that I didn’t feel was safe.

At this time we don’t yet know about upcoming food festivals or stadium shows, but he did say they are working on ways to move forward with them.

They also asked Mr. Swanson about which coasters could reopen and he wouldn’t specify:

Swanson wouldn’t say when Florida’s newest major roller coasters will open. Originally scheduled this spring before the pandemic, SeaWorld Orlando had planned to open the family-friendly Ice Breaker coaster while Busch Gardens Tampa Bay has a buzz among thrill-seekers for its upcoming Iron Gwazi.”

What we do know is that like Universal and Walt Disney World, they are requiring guests to have advanced reservations to visit the park. This will include annual passholders and fun card holders. The spots are in “high demand” according to Swanson:

It’s another safety metric. There’s multiple ways we can control capacity. We wanted to make sure we were very clear: This is what we can do for the day. And we didn’t want people showing up if we were overflow or something and having to turn them away.

Of course there will be more demand as there are only 1/3 as many openings for the park. They are going to wait and see how it goes at 1/3 capacity.

“It’s going to ebb and flow a little bit here and there. A lot of this, we want to see how the park feels, how we can manage everything.

As we mentioned previously there will be strict cleaning guidelines and they will close the parks on two days during the week to make sure everything is continuously cleaned. There will be new safety rules like temperature checks and masks for guests and employees. Like we heard at their presentation to the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force, there will be hand sanitizing stations, and signage to remind guests to use the stations, as well as reminding them to keep their masks on and social distance, throughout the park.

In good news Swanson has said that more than 5,300 people, company-wide, have returned to their jobs at SeaWorld as of Wednesday. More are planned to receive call backs soon.

We will just have to wait and see how it goes with SeaWorld, Universal, and Walt Disney World as they reopen in Orlando. The heat, humidity, and mask requirements may still keep their attendance down.

Only time will tell.

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Source: Orlando Sentinel


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