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Scentsy Is Releasing ‘Star Wars’ R2-D2 Warmer and More On May the 4th


Scentsy has a special release on May the 4th. The new R2-D2 Scentsy warmer and previous Star Wars favorites are coming back for Star Wars Day!

The R2-D2 warmer even projects Princess Leia on the wall!

Okay, take my money!

R2-D2 Scentsy Warmer

R2-D2 – Scentsy Warmer will be $75

R2-D2 features hand-painted, true-to-the-film detail and an LED projection of Princess Leia that will mesmerize any fan.

There will be two bar scents returning as well

Star Wars: Light Side of the Force – Scentsy Bar, $6.50

Feel the Force all around you. It’s here, there, in the orange groves, morning mist and even the driftwood at the ocean’s edge.
Star Wars: Dark Side of the Force – Scentsy Bar, $6.50

Feel the power of this fully armed and operational fragrance, churning with lavender, Madagascar ginger, vetiver and agarwood.

That isn’t the only special item coming. The Child/Baby Yoda/ Grogu warmer will go up on presale from May 4-11th.

The Child will be $60 for just the warmer or $66.50 for the Warmer and The Mandalorian: Air of Adventure Scentsy Bar.

This hand-painted element warmer features details true fans will love, including an iconic, irregular-shaped bowl that offers a glimpse of The Mandalorian’s reflection.”

There will also be a The Child Scentsy Buddy with The Mandalorian: Air of Adventure Scent pak for $45.

The Mandalorian: Air of Adventure scent features “notes of silver mintcrisp bergamot and earthy-sweet geranium — and an adventurous touch of eucalyptus and bright orange zest

The Mandalorian: Air of Adventure – Scent Pak, $7.50

The Mandalorian: Air of Adventure – Scentsy Bar, $6.50

They had me at an R2-D2 that projects Princess Leia!
Good luck in obtaining one. I’m sure it’s going to be insane!
May the Force be with you!



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