Saturday Night Live Does Spoof of ‘The Muppets’


Disney is really pushing The Muppets lately.  Of course the old ‘Muppet Show’ is available on Disney+ (minus some episodes) and we had Kermit appear on “The Masked Singer” and there’s a Haunted Mansion special coming this Fall.

Saturday Night Live must have caught on because they just spoofed the Muppets for their skit last night.

The sketch starts out with some Disney+ digs and then goes into a “taping of The Muppet Show” with guest star Lily Tomlin (Melissa Villaseñor.)

But “Waldorf” and “Statler” are on the balcony doing their thing. If you’ve ever watched anything with The Muppets, then you know exactly what they do. They heckle and SNL kept them in character for that.

This brings out the venue’s security played by Kenan Thompson and guest host Keegan-Michael Key.

The heckling continues until security can’t take it anymore.  Honestly it’s a very Muppets skit for the most part. In some ways it felt more like ‘The Muppets’ than some of the official Muppets stuff we get.

You can watch it here:

Twitter chatter was mostly positive.


I think Disney is happy to take the publicity since it seems to be on Muppets PR push anyways.

The Muppets are known for parody, so it’s just fitting.

What do you think?

Source: SNL, Twitter

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