San Francisco Pastry Company Sneaks Two Mardi Gras Treats Into the Mix


We almost feel bad for the San Francisco area of Universal Studios Florida. In this area, the “attraction that shall not be named” continues to promote “Family.” The inconsistent Lombard’s Seafood Grille holds a prominent spot in this area. The below-average Richter’s Burger Co. sells traditional fast food. Chez Alcatraz offers good drinks and a friendly vibe. Still, even with all these offerings, this area needs a pick-me-up. Thankfully the San Francisco Pastry Company continues to create unique treats for each new season at Universal Orlando. This year, this place snuck a Mardi Gras treat in after the opening day deadline.

San Francisco Pastry Company

San Francisco Pastry Company created several attractive and tasty treats for the holiday season. On the opening day of Mardi Gras at Universal Orlando Resort, only one Mardi Gras appeared in the bakery case window. Food bloggers stared at the bakery case wanting more. For the winter holidays, we got more offerings. Of course, the Tri-Colored Vanilla Cake sat all alone as a Mardi Gras offering.

San Francisco Pastry Company



The Vanilla Tri-Colored Cake looked great in the bakery case. However, we knew this Universal Orlando Resort Mardi Gras cake design would be good. Yet, in previous cakes during Mardi Gras, we have enjoyed this combination of vanilla and cinnamon. In fairness, this cake offers good flavors for Mardi Gras guests. If you come for a visit, this cake will satisfy for under six dollars before any discounts

San Francisco Pastry CompanyHowever, we went wandering into the San Francisco Pastry Company on another day and saw a second Mardi Gras bakery treat appear. We spotted it on the fifth day of Mardi Gras. The Banana Foster Crème Brulle Sphere comes in the familiar Universal Orlando Resort spherical shape they like to use for their mousse creations. This treat also costs under six dollars.

The colorful sphere gives guests a nice change from your average treat at a theme park. The gel on the exterior holding it all together may create an awkward texture issue for some. However, once your spoon encounters the interior of this sphere, you will see and taste the banana foster and Crème Brulle flavors.

This sphere comes with a cookie on the bottom for support and it is a pleasant surprise that enhances the treat. The mousse-like interior functions as a buried treasure. Though not all of us enjoyed the interior as much as others, the consensus concluded that the banana and Crème Brulle flavors work with this spherical creation.

San Francisco Pastry Company continues to get overlooked as people race through San Francisco to reach Diagon Alley. However, this place offers an oasis of treats for Mardi Gras and any time of year.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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