Ryan Reynolds Pokes Fun at Winnie The Pooh Coming into Public Domain With Mint Mobile Ad


2022 is the year where Winnie the Pooh is hitting public domain. Disney has gotten rules changed a couple of times to extend the life of their ownership on characters, however, the original works of A.A. Milne and the original art, have entered the public domain this year. The original Bambi novel “Bambi, A Life in the Woods” by Felix Salten has also entered public domain this year.

Tigger is the only character from Winnie the Pooh that Disney still can control as he was a later character and won’t be under public domain until 2024.

Here comes Ryan Reynolds doing exactly what we expect and love about him. Poking fun and using it to his advantage. This time using the public domain character in an ad for his Mint Mobile company. His commercials are usually fantastic–If you remember he even got Rick Moranis to come and do a commercial before.

I present to you Winnie the Screwed:

Here’s the video write-up:

Yesterday the original book featuring Winnie-the-Pooh entered the public domain. Took some creative liberties but it sticks pretty close to the source material. Just added #MintMobile and changed ‘honey’ to ‘money’ really…

Well played Ryan.  Well played.

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