Rumors Indicate New Star Wars Film Announcements Coming and Kathleen Kennedy Gets A “Deadline”


Today we have some new ‘Star Wars’ rumors floating around cyberspace and a potential deadline for Kathleen Kennedy. Of course, these are all rumors, and we don’t claim they are fact, so take them with a grain of salt.

According to Jeff Sneider on The Hot Mic podcast, three ‘Star Wars’ film announcements could happen at Star Wars Celebration next month. This goes along with another rumor that says Disney wants to double down on ‘Star Wars’ content and has canceled the Indiana Jones show for Disney+. Again, that is just a rumor.

Nothing else has been mentioned about these films, other than they are “new” announcements. At this point, many projects have been announced and canceled. The Rian Johnson trilogy is reportedly axed, Patty Jenkin’s ‘Rogue Squadron’ is likely canceled and Kevin Feige’s film has also been allegedly canceled. The last film in theaters was “Rise of Skywalker” in 2019.

This leads us to the other big rumor. According to Sneider, if a Star Wars film isn’t released by Christmas Day, 2025, Kathleen Kennedy will be out as the head of Lucasfilm.

“[The Sharmeed Obaid-Chinoy movie] is a big movie, not just for Star Wars, but for Kathleen Kennedy herself. So, I’m told that Kathleen Kennedy’s whole job depends on having a movie in theaters on Christmas Day 2025. If there’s no movie on Christmas Day 2025, there’s no job.

With the massive amount of cuts coming to staff and projects at Disney, we have been wondering if Kennedy would go the way of Victoria Alonso at Marvel. However, if this rumor is true she has some time left before they decide. This could be the case if the rumors about doubling down on more ‘Star Wars’ content are true.

I don’t know why Kennedy keeps getting chances but she does. We have seen her announce numerous projects that quietly get canceled. There have been a lot of issues behind the scenes with writers and production people getting removed and replaced over “creative differences” as well.

Hopefully, we will learn more at ‘Star Wars Celebration’ next month.

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Source: The Direct

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