Rumored Spoilers: Star Wars Roadmap to Redeem Luke Skywalker


Disney is getting read to retcon the Star Wars universe in order to make the sequel trilogy less problematic for their merchandising. I believe I have the roadmap forward they’re planning to use.

Before I get into that, it’s been more days than usual since my last post. I’ve been working with various sources to figure out what’s going on behind the scenes at Lucasfilm, as well as other parts of Disney. Along the way, there were some rumors being bandied about by other personalities on the web that caused me to run into some brick walls. For example, Grace Randolph of Beyond the Trailer has been pushing a conspiracy about Pedro Pascal and The Mandalorian. After looking into that a bit, I think she’s just desperate for attention (which translate into money in her world). I’m told that Pascal did “demand” that he have more facetime on screen for Season 2, but that it wasn’t anything more than a hard line in the sand in his negotiations. He wants to make sure he’s not just a voice actor for the series.

I thought about Randolph’s predictions, how they didn’t come true, and how she was now trying to retrofit what she had said to fit with what really came to pass. Not wanting to be a hypocrite, I looked at all of my own articles here on Pirates and Princesses. So far so good – the only thing I’ve gotten wrong here has been that Disneyland would reopen in the fall. And do you know why I had that one wrong? Because Disney had it wrong and I was just reporting on what Disney expected to happen. At the time, we reported based on preparations that were taking place behind the scenes that all pointed to Disney fully expecting to be back up and running in November. Other than that, we’ve been flat out accurate here at Pirates and Princesses.

Now with all that said, I’m going to make a very bold prediction based on what I’ve learned in the last week. Before I do so, I want to make clear that this can change. In fact, there’s part of me that doesn’t want to report this because it potentially spoils the future of Star Wars and – if it gains enough attention – could cause Lucasfilm to alter their plans, thus causing the report to be untrue. It’s very much like a reporter telling what a football team plans to do against their rival… if the story gains traction, the team is likely to change the plan, making the report false even though it was accurate at the time.

Spoilers Below!

So, not to toot my own horn (an old phrase that doesn’t age well in modern lingo), but we called the whole CGI young Luke Skywalker a long time ago. The Mandalorian finale did not surprise here if you’ve been reading our articles. In fact, we had reports about the finale quite a while ago, but chose not to report it because that would be a gross thing to do. I’ve always felt that spoiling the ending of something people enjoy is inappropriate. But just so you can verify that we’ve been on the ball here, take a look at this article:

Young CGI Luke Skywalker

Time to get into the good stuff. Here’s what I’ve come away with after some digging this week:

First, the sequel trilogy is done and Lucasfilm knows it. Its merchandise doesn’t sell, it does not excite people for use in theme parks or other entertainment ventures, and Disney+ numbers for the sequel movies show it simply isn’t popular in comparison to even the prequel trilogy. More importantly, the sequel trilogy bombed in China hard, and that means they can’t use it to make money in what is becoming their second-most important market. You can love the sequel trilogy, you can defend it all day long, but Lucasfilm has turned the page.

Rey Toys Don't Sell

Rian Johnson is done with Star Wars for the foreseeable future. There is no Rian trilogy, there never was a Rian trilogy, and the people who call the shots now all blame him for the sequel trilogy’s failure. Yes, they’ll throw him some niceties from time to time, but when it comes time to take responsibility for Star Wars not meeting its full potential in the last 4 years, they throw Last Jedi under the bus as quickly as they can. The market has spoken.

With Disney in financial straits – and trust me, that’s an article upcoming because their stock is highly, highly inflated (which is all that is keeping them afloat) – they can no longer throw their middle finger to fans and dictate what they must like. Luke Skywalker sells toys. He sells a lot of toys. Rey does not. The Mandalorian has been the only Star Wars franchise that has GROWING success over time. So what does Disney do? Disney puts Luke Skywalker in The Mandalorian. And they’re going to do it again.

Here’s where Disney is going with all of this. They need Luke Skywalker to be back, redeemed, and the Jedi master fans want him to be. Toy manufacturers need Luke Skywalker back. Marketing needs Luke Skywalker back. Game developers need Luke back. The only people who don’t need Luke back are ideologically-driven nut jobs who tried to fundamentally change Star Wars and the millennia-old concept of the hero’s journey. Dave Filoni has a plan to bring back Luke Skywalker and the hero’s journey that makes Star Wars actually work. In a decade, Last Jedi will be seen like one of those comics where Superman died back in the 90s… yeah, it technically happened, but they retconned it so he’s back every single time. But how are they going to do that? And is that the reason that Filoni has been complimentary to Johnson? Is it because he knows he’s about to gut what Johnson wanted to do?

Baby Yoda even sells crappy blue dyed cookies for $50

This is the roadmap:

In The Mandalorian, Luke Skywalker takes on Grogu (baby Yoda) as his padawan. However, Grogu’s blood has already been extracted by forces of the dark side, which will then use it to bring about the sequences leading up to the sequel trilogy. Grogu does not die when Kylo Ren attacks and kills Luke Skywalker’s jedis in training. Luke will be retconned to have expected Ben Solo to do so, and will have made the painful decision to send Grogu into hiding before it occurs. Part of that intersects with The Mandalorian story, so I’m not going into detail here about it, as I think that would spoil the whole series if they stay with the plan and I type it out for everyone to read. In the sequel trilogy, it will be retconned so that Luke’s actions of being in hiding, pretending to hate the jedi, etc, are all an act to protect Grogu from being found by the dark side, including protecting him from Rey. But Grogu is placed in danger by Rey because she takes the sacred Jedi texts, not knowing that Grogu is part of an ancient prophecy in a book called the Rammahgon. It will be revealed that Luke couldn’t bring himself to burn the books that he believed would place Grogu in danger even though he knew it must be done, so Yoda in force ghost form had to do it for him. In the end, it turns out that when Anakin Skywalker brought balance to the force by killing The Emperor, that somehow will tie into Grogu being the child that the force rests upon to bring peace throughout the galaxy. Grogu will be a new type of jedi that unites dark and light with Anakin and Luke BOTH training him somehow.

I don’t believe they have everything fleshed out completely. But I am told that a Luke Skywalker series using CGI / Deepfake AI is on the way in the not too far future. And when it comes time to do a trilogy on Grogu (that’s the plan down the road), Luke Skywalker will be retconned to be a true hero, Anakin will be retconned to actually have brought balance to the force, etc. At least, that’s the roadmap for now, if Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau get their way. We’ll see if Kathleen lets it happen, if Lucasfilm changes leadership, etc. But that’s the plan as of right now, and it can absolutely change. Just be prepared for fireworks behind the scenes (whether they become public is hard to say). Because somebody gets to be the Kevin Feige of Star Wars who oversees this whole Grogu saga over many movies, series, etc. Time to jockey for position, right?

For now though, just be prepared to see more Luke Skywalker. Because it’s Luke and Grogu next Christmas for toy manufacturers, and that’s where Star Wars is headed.


12:03 PM EST Edit: A source pointed out to me that Luke Skywalker literally says in the Mandalorian episode that “I will give my life for the child.” I hadn’t noticed before, but it’s another piece of writing where they are already setting up that Luke dies to protect Grogu until he is old enough to unite the two sides of the Force.

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