Rumored Character Breakdowns and Plot Synopsis For ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’ Sequel ‘Shrunk’


A few days ago it was announced that Rick Moranis would be coming back to live-action film with a new Honey I Shrunk the Kids film called Shrunk.

Now the rumors keep coming as we have some character names, breakdowns and an alleged plot synopsis for the film.

These come from The Illuminerdi.

It appears it will be Wayne Szalinski (Rick Moranis) and his two kids Nick (Josh Gad) and Amy, as well as Nick’s kids Maddie and Theo.

Here’s the breakdown:

Nick Szalinski (Gad): Wayne’s son, who is now a husband to Fay and father to two children, Maddie and Theo. Nick still has PTSD from the hijinks of the original film and the resulting demise of his mom. He’s a bundle of nerves, dissatisfied and uneasy, with a propensity to pamper his children.

Amy Szalinski: Nick’s carefree and energetic, more established sister, who took a different path from Nick after their mother’s death and chose not to put down roots. Instead, she enjoys her life working for a magazine and homeschooling her girls.

Maddie Szalinski: Nick’s oldest child. Splindly and feeling strange about it, she has her grandpa’s knack for peculiar creations, showing them off without anyone else’s permission on her Youtube channel to a little crowd. She would obviously cherish nearer connections to him, but his tense relationship with her dad has made that difficult.

Theo Szalinski: The opposite of athletic, with glasses and a little on the heavy side. He’s a tentative, masochist self-tormentor who has predicted his passing in a huge number of situations. He’s prohibited from eating sweets due to a slight weight complex.

Wayne Szalinski (Moranis): Mindful that the family ties have worsened after over time, but apparently hesitant to go up against anybody straightforwardly. He has been tinkering alone in his attic for a considerable length of time, managing the sadness of losing his wife. At the point when we initially meet him, he has inadvertently shrunk himself and is flying around in a similarly tiny drone, continuing the vicious cycle of experimentation that has placed his family in danger plenty of times.

Wayne eventually reveals that he locked himself away to come up with a solution that would shrink his wife’s cancer, and that the guilt consumed him after he ran out of time. Over the course of the film, the truth comes out and the family wounds begin to heal.

Shrunk has no release date or schedule that we’ve seen yet, and it appears they may still be getting the cast together at this point.

From what we are hearing Disney may be pushing this one for a theatrical release and not just a Disney+ film. Due to the popularity and excitement around just Rick Moranis coming back, I think that’s the way to go.

The new story from the film was developed by Gad, Ryan Dixon,Jay Reiss, and Ian Helfer and is being written by Todd Rosenberg. It will be directed by the original director Joe Johnston.

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Souces: The Illuminerdi, CBR

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