Rumor: Zelda Attraction To Replace The ‘Lost Continent’ at Universal Orlando

A cartoon version of Link with his Shield

File this one under rumor, but I have heard from a friend who works at Universal Orlando, that says they are hearing it’s a real possibility. So take that as you will.  The rumor is that Universal Orlando wants to put in a Zelda attraction where the “Lost Continent” area now sits. This would create retheming and replacement of current offerings in that are.

In place of the Sinbad Stunt Show and the Poseidon’s Fury attractions, guests would get a Zelda themed boat ride attraction using a recently patented ride technology called “Hybrid Ride Vehicle Systems and Methods.” Basically, it would start out as a boat ride an then the boat would attach to a special overhead track system to take flight.  Sounds like they might base it on “Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker’ from the sounds of it. That game involves waterways and a boat.

I remember talk of something similar to this ride system before, but it was going to be more of gondola type vehicle.

Here is a look at some of the images from the patent filed:


The lift “bogie” could then cause the ride vehicle to “pitch, yaw, and roll the ride vehicle as it moves along.”

Of course it’s all rumor, but we’ve been hearing about Universal Orlando possibly bringing in Pokémon to the Kids Zone area too. That doesn’t seem to be off the table completely either.

Theme Park Stop did a video about the rumors back in December 2020.

But now I’m hearing that, at least the Zelda part of the rumor, could be something that is currently being considered.

I think it would be a wise choice to add Zelda to Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando and Pokemon into Universal Studios. A very wise choice. But I’m sure it’s up to what can be done due to financials and the pandemic.

So we shall see how this pans out.

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Source: Theme Park Stop, Our friend G.

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