RUMOR: World War Hulk Movie In The Works At Marvel



Recently rumor reported by Geeks WorldWide writer Matheus Ribeiro states that the MCU will be getting a new Hulk film with production said to begin in 2022. The film’s production is said to follow after the upcoming She-Hulk series on Disney Plus wraps filming. The series will possibly lead into the film similar to how the Ms. Marvel series will lead into The Marvels.

The story for the Hulk film will be based on the popular Marvel story World War Hulk.

World War Hulk is a sequel story to Planet Hulk. Though Planet Hulk didn’t receive a solo film it’s story about how The Hulk wound up as a gladiator was touched upon in Thor: Ragnarock when Hulk participates in combat sports for The Grandmaster.

After conquering the Planet Sakaar Hulk’s wife Caiera was murdered and he blames Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Mr. Fantastic and Black Bolt for her death. He returns to Earth and defeats The Avengers and Fantastic 4 but is stopped when Sentry arrives to put an end to his fury.

This story also introduced the Hulk Buster armor. If the film is indeed adapting this story it will be interesting to see how it will be done due to the fact that Hulk is currently in his Professor Hulk persona.

Who knows. Perhaps we might see Liv Tyler return as Betty Ross or finally see Tim Blake Nelson as The Leader that was teased back in 2008.

Now The Hulk has had a longtime legal issue when it comes to using him in the MCU. The film rights to the character are held by Universal Studios, who made both the 2003 Hulk and 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. The legality isn’t quite as strict as Sony with Spider-Man.

Apparently Marvel can use Hulk in their movie series as long as there aren’t any solo Hulk movies because only Universal can produce standalone Hulk films. Supposedly the film rights to both The Hulk and Namor recently reverted back to Marvel according to a recent rumor, but that report is unconfirmed.

Perhaps the rights did finally revert back or maybe Marvel/Disney worked out a deal with Universal Studios over the rights. But all we can do is speculate if a solo Hulk film is indeed in development.

Do you think it’s possible that we’ll finally see a New Solo Hulk film after all these years?

Source: Full Circle Cinema 

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