Rumor- Walt Disney World’s Tomorrowland to Be Updated Beyond Tron Coaster

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I have some rumors for you today, now a lot of these aren’t new, but it’s timely to bring them up again and Orlando Weekly just put them out there again too, so why not take another look.

We all know that Tomorrowland is getting the Tron Coaster next year for the 50th Anniversary, and we just had the Tomorrowland sign changed a few months ago, but what other changes could be coming?

Let’s take a look:

Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor-

This is not a new rumor, but it’s coming up again. Supposedly Disney wants to move the Laugh Floor over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

But what would they do with the theater if they moved Monsters Inc.? We can only guess, but this rumor has been around a couple of years.

Stitch’s Great Escape-

I’m sure many of you have heard the rumors about this one becoming a Wreck-It-Ralph attraction.

The word was that Disney would re-purpose the existing theater and they would attach gaming controllers to the seats. Guests would then take part in a game.

Anything would be better than the stroller parking it pretty much is now.

It has also been rumored that Disney could close this down completely and use it as a loading and unloading area for the People Mover if it was updated to include more.

Carousel of Progress-

This one needs an overhaul badly! John’s hand just feel off during a show just the other day.

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Plus the “future” scene at the end is very dated.

What we’ve heard is that there could be a refurbishment on the attraction but it would not be until after the 50th Anniversary in 2021.

I’m hoping it’s a refurbishment or overhaul and not a removal. It would be a terrible shame to remove that attraction as it is important to the history of the park. I would love to see it become more than just a good place for an air conditioned break and stroller parking.

Space Mountain-

This is another attraction that is long over due for an update. The track is rough compared to Disneyland’s newer version, and the ride vehicles and sound is better at Disneyland as well. If it would be updated it would likely include better effects, audio, and new ride vehicles.

If this would happen it would not be until well after Tron opens. According to the Orlando Weekly the likely time frame would be “2022 or early 2023, with it reopening mid-decade.”

The People Mover-

Recently they have spruced the exterior of the track up, and they are currently working on one of the moving ramps, but there were rumors that Disney was going to add IP  and were considering Wall-e and The Incredibles.

The reason being that they felt the attraction lacked “story” and needed “show areas.” Personally the story is Tomorrowland and a tour of the area. I’m not really sure that IP is necessary.

But again, that’s all rumor.

Tomorrowland Speedway-

This one was just redone because they had to move the track to accommodate the upcoming Tron coaster. But when it re-opened the electric cars people expected to be added weren’t.

Rumor had it that this attraction would receive the electric cars like the ones in Tokyo Disneyland. Now, the rumor is still standing that the Speedway will receive a Tron themed redo sometime around the opening of the Tron attraction.

I would love to see that because frankly the Speedway always seemed very out of place to me.

Like I stated, these are all rumors, but I expect some changed to come to pass with the updates being made to Tomorrowland. It really needs it, especially with the Tron coaster coming. I’m curious to see which, if any, of these rumors come true!

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

Source: The online rumor mill, Orlando Weekly


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