RUMOR: Walt Disney World To Get A Name Change?



Walt Disney World is one of the most popular themes resorts on the planet. With four major theme parks, multiple hotels and a variety of other unique experiences it has become one of the go-to family destinations with nearly 60 Million visitors a year.

Originally known as “The Florida Project” the park opened in October on 1971. The park was a step up from its predecessor in California with it having more space and was on a more populated side of the country.

The park recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary of magic and joy, though it celebrations were downsized due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. But a new rumor suggests that in the near future the park may be re-branding.

According to a recent rumor on the Disney Dish Podcast there have been some recent rumbling that the company may be looking to drop the “Walt” in the “Walt Disney World” title for the park. The plan is to eventually simplify it to just “Disney World” or even “Disneyworld”.

It’s being speculated that the reason for this is possibly due to Walt Disney being seen as “problematic” by certain groups within the company that have negative feelings towards the company’s founder.

It could also be because a lot of people refer to Walt Disney World simply as “Disney World.”

It’s no secret that Walt Disney was right leaning on many political issues and was vocally anti-communist. There have been many accusations over the years saying that he was either racist, sexist or anti-Semitic but there has been just as much evidence and statements from people who knew him pointing to the contrary.


With Walt Disney’s famous Disneyland Opening Speech being removed from the park’s recent anniversary many see it as a move to erase Walt from the company he started almost 100 years ago.

What do you think of the potential name change? Do you agree to disagree?

Editors Note – If they do this people are going to be very upset. The complaints about Disney parks have been growing in number with many Annual Passholders canceling passes in recent months. Given everything happening and the stock prices, the Walt Disney Company might want to not rock the boat any further. However, most people call it “Disney World” anyway.

Source: Cinema Blend

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