Rumor: Walt Disney Company Layoffs and Walt Disney World Going to Only Opening 5 Days a Week


Okay definitely file this one under rumor, but I have heard similar things recently. But according to WDWMagic Forums, there is a possibility of massive layoffs for the Walt Disney Company and Walt Disney World opening only 5 days a week over attendance being so low in some of the parks.

This all comes from Pheneix on the WDWMagic Forums and you can tell that the poster really debated and struggled over if they should even say something.

The first part is about the layoffs. Now we’ve been hearing that massive lay-offs were possibly coming to some various studios and companies soon. But, if true, this sounds like it could be far more than we expected:

Oh man. I have logged in, written drafts, deleted them, and swore I would never do this. Yet here I am. And I’m ready to start some ****.

The Walt Disney Company is about to experience some of the deepest layoffs I have ever witnessed in my adult life. I would call attention to the 2002 and 2009 layoffs after those respective crises. Those separations from the company were orderly. Often via generous voluntary packages. Hell, to his credit, Al Weiss was militant about never laying off a CM against their will after 9/11. I respect that. He was basically a dumbass otherwise.

In 2009, there was a similar “orderly” exit of excess personnel. However, much of this labor was brought back remarkably fast as Disney’s business was in far better shape in 2009.

We also have other, smaller layoffs that hit project teams at WDI. These are bull**** layoffs. Flim Flam. Just some accounting tricks. Almost everyone is brought back.

Well, these days are no more. What you are about to see from WDC will be shocking and it will permanently change their business forever. The bloat is about to be gone. The mediocrity that’s failed upward all our lives is about to be purged. A new company is emerging.

And no, Bob Chapek is no hero. But he does recognize the value in taking out the trash.”

They way the poster is talking it sounds like fundamental changes to business structure. But let’s be honest, how many VPs and Executive VPs, and so on does a company need?

Now the other part of the rumor, which I had not heard before, but I know other amusement parks have been doing something similar.

Due to low attendance, Walt Disney World could go to being open 5 days a week. This one I’m not so sure about. Honestly, we thought they might re-close over the backlash they’ve been getting and the ridiculous cost of running the parks compared to what they’re bringing in.

Here’s what they said:

Now, lets talk about attendance at WDW. It’s effing bad. Its Hard Rock Park bad. It’s Dubai bad. Its the worst attendance in the history of the resort. Epcot is lucky to hit 2500 a day and usually is only hosting a few hundred at a time. Magic Kingdom is tormentingly under performing. There is simply no demand to fill the park out even to its limited capacity. The other two parks are also in dire straits, but due to their smaller size, there are certain days they can make a go of it. And yet still, the resort business is the iceberg and WDW Parks are the titanic. This will not end well.

The situation is dire. Unsustainable. WDW parks will be dropping to five day weeks soon. They will likely not be alone in this practice.”

The post ends with talk about Bob Iger likely being removed:

Well considering how he overspent on Fox, and has overseen the massive decline in the decades old Star Wars franchise, etc. I’m surprised it’s taken this long. I really do think Bob Chapek was going to be used as a fall guy, but he may have been smart enough to avoid that outcome.

Here’s what he said:

And that brings me to Bob Iger. Mr. Chairman. Mr. Gotta Put Yoda on His Wife’s Dress to Bury Some Search Engine Leads. That guy. It is my pleasure to announce that he will be soon tossed on his ***. In disgrace. His sins, his poor judgement, his poor treatment of subordinates. His malicious temper and outrageous displays of “toxic masculinity” as the kids call it. All this and more is coming out. Good riddance.

Several people in the thread did comment that they have heard similar rumors. I’m sure some disagree. Again, it’s rumor for now. But the Q3 earnings call is coming up on Tuesday, August 4th, and I do expect some changes to be happening after that call, but as to what I can’t say with certainty.

But we shall see.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

Sources: WDWMagic Full credit there. You can read more about it at this link.

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