Rumor: Typhoon Lagoon to Reopen in March


The Disney World website is reporting that one of the water parks is planned to reopen in March of 2021. Our sources for many months have suggested the planned park is Typhoon Lagoon.

Disney’s Official Statement

Now while Disney has yet to claim which of the two parks will be reopening in March officially, it does make a lot of sense to open Typhoon Lagoon over Blizzard Beach. For one, Typhoon Lagoon is the larger of the water parks, making it much easier to socially distance. Typhoon Lagoon also features a much, much bigger wave pool, and that will be important. We’re not sure if they’ll be running the big kahuna waves when they reopen either, again for social distancing reasons. It would seem difficult to socially distance as massive typhoon waves knock you into a family nearby.

Typhoon Lagoon also makes more sense for reopening because it has more socially distanced outdoor covered areas, which are incredibly important when there’s a thunderstorm. Many people have claimed that Disney has the water parks shut down for some conspiratorial reason. In reality, Florida thunderstorms are wicked, and at water parks Disney requires guests to take cover during severe weather… but doing so with social distancing is not an easy task. A guess by the author of this article is that if Disney reopens Typhoon Lagoon in March, they’ll likely have additional locations for guests to ride out storms.

Of course, any rumored expansions to the water parks from months ago all seem to be destined for the dust bin. In fact, don’t be surprised if Disney operates only one water park for several months upon reopening. And while Typhoon Lagoon seems to be the clear winner for the one park they’ll reopen, always remember that things can and do change. Should Miss Mayday see any of her attractions needing significant maintenance work to bring the water and guests back in, Disney would likely shift the opening park to Blizzard Beach instead.

So what do you think? Are you ready to return to Humunga Cowabunga, or will you be sitting at the resort pool of your choice until further notice? Let us know in the comments below!

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