Rumor: The Next ‘Indiana Jones’ Project Could Be an Animated Show For Disney+


The fifth ‘Indiana Jones’ film called ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny’ is coming out on June 30th and the rumors have been flying about the film and a Disney+ show. It’s been rumored for awhile that there would be a show going to Disney+. Most rumors are about a younger version of the title character, or a new actor replacing him, or even the character of Helena replacing Indie. The latest rumor has the show listed as an animation project.

According to Giant Freakin’ Robot the next iteration of the character is going to become animated. It makes sense as Indiana Jones could continue on his adventures even if Harrison Ford isn’t playing him. Or, they could use him as more of a mentor, setting up new characters in a show first before switching them on the big screen. That would probably be more palatable for fans who don’t want the character suddenly switched out.

It’s an interesting rumor for sure. While it makes sense, the theatrical audience might not be the same audience for an animated show. However, Disney has been trying to build new audiences with properties like ‘Star Wars’ and Lucasfilm could be trying to do that here. Historically these projects do get an audience, but that doesn’t always translate into what these studios want.

Interestingly enough it has already been done. Artist Patrick Schoenmaker has already done a short Indiana Jones animated feature that puts the famous adventurer in various locations. It’s really well done. Perhaps, if this rumor is true, Lucasfilm needs to contact him?

Here is his experimental animation that took a few years to complete:

Whether it’s true or not it’s an interesting rumor. Other streaming services are cutting animated series, so an animated show could find itself in a good position, with less competition. Personally I would be interested in seeing an animated Dr. Jones.

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