Rumor: Starbucks “Been There” Mug Collection to Add Star Wars


If you’ve stopped into any of the Starbucks locations at the Disney Parks, you’ve likely seen their “Been There” mugs. Usually they feature the park you are visiting.

They make them for cities, countries and other locations as well.

Now it seems like Starbuck is leaving Earth to bring us Star Wars “Been There” mugs.

According to the fan/collector site Starbucks-Mugs we have a new rumor that souvenirs from a Galaxy Far Far Away will be coming soon to Disney parks.

What you see is a preview of Starbucks Been There Star Wars mug planned to be released in May (according to insiders) in Disney parks. We also have a chance to take a look at the boxes, that are very unique in the sense that their covers differ from regular Been There covers very much. As you can see these are dark blue with the huge Star Wars branding and some characters from the saga as well as starships and even Death Star.

The example we are being shown is one of my favorites–Hoth, from The Empire Strikes Back.

It has tauntauns, Wampas, AT-ATs, Snow Speeders, Guns, and more.

I’m sure this could lead to a bunch of mugs coming to us with planets like Tatooine, Degobah, Coruscant, Scarif, Bespin, Geonosis, etc. If we get Exegol it better have a Palpatine face on it and lots of Star Destroyer.

I would say I find it surprising that they started with the classic Star Wars films, but I would by lying. Disney has been focusing more and more on classic trilogy and The Empire Strikes Back is most people’s favorite in the Star Wars franchise.  So it completely makes sense.

What do you think? Would you buy this? What planets would you like to see?

Comment and let us know!

Source: Starbucks-mugs

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