RUMOR: Star Wars Battlefront III Not Happening According To Insider



So the Star Wars brand has arguably seen better days. Originally in 2015 with the release of The Force Awakens and the revival of the fan favorite Star Wars: Battlefront series through Electronic Arts the series seemed more alive than ever. But in 2017 with the release of The Last Jedi and the second EA Battlefront game the series took an immediate 180 degree turn.

The 2017 Battlefront II was received so poorly from players due to its predatory micro-transactions, loot boxes, pay to win mechanics and disappointing single player options that the game was forced to change its infrastructure almost immediately. Since then the game was received a lot more positively, seeing updates at late as 2020.

But some fans had wondered “Where is Battlefront 3?” since it was usually a biannual release for the games, meaning that the 3rd game would have released in 2019. Well a recent report says they know the reason.

Tom Henderson, a writer at IGN, claimed to have heard from past DICE developer(s) the true fate of the game via Twitter:

Quite the interesting scenario. Despite the second game picking up in sales near the end EA decided to cancel the project and focus on other titles. EA no longer holds the exclusive license to Star Wars games but it still has a significant hold over them. DICE is also busy with the current Battlefield 2042 Launch debacle, so who knows if the same studio can even make a similar game.

Longtime fans will probably recall that this isn’t the first time Battlefront 3 was canceled. The series’ original developer, Pandemic Studios, were developing a 3rd game in there series. The title was almost finished but was pulled last minute. Some gameplay of that title survived:

If the series will eventually continue in some way it will most likely be from a different developer. Perhaps even under a different publisher.

What do you think? Would you have liked a 3rd installment in the Battlefront series from DICE?


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