Rumor: Spaceship Earth Will Reopen With EPCOT on July 15th


This has yet to be confirmed so I’m filing it under “Rumor” for now, but I’m hoping it’s true. The word is that Spaceship Earth will reopen on July 15th with the rest of EPCOT.

According to WDWMagic Forums, a “Well Known Member” posted that the union is saying that the rehab has been delayed:

CONFIRMED: According to the Local 362 Union, the union responsible representing Attractions, answered a question in a Zoom meeting regarding SSE’s rehab HAS been pushed back and WILL reopen with the rest of the park.

Prior to the COVID-19 shutdowns, EPCOT’s beloved Spaceship Earth was to close on May 26th for an extensive refurbishment. While Disney indicated they would keep the key scenes, by the concept art they released not long before the shut-down, it seemed to be changing far more than they had seemed to indicate.

Now we do know that Disney is planning on making cuts. They even said so during their investor meeting last month. Also there has been a lot of discussion about rumors and what “insiders” have been hearing. Cuts are coming. The issue is EPCOT is all torn up right now. Literally the entire center spine area is walled off and torn up. So if they need to do anything first it’s getting the area put back together. I think they money would go there first and then they can focus on Spaceship Earth later.

As of now there is no confirmation from Disney on this rumor. Disney hasn’t changed their closure for refurbishment status on the attraction as of yet. But this one would be an attraction that could easily be adjusted for Social Distancing. The cars are already spaced out, and the line is outside leading into the attraction. Spacing would be easy and it wouldn’t be an area with many people congregating that would need a work-around. Because of these factors, I can’t think they would leave it closed when they are going to be actively looking for attractions that will perform well under the new restrictive conditions.

Here’s hoping it will be with us for a while longer.

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Source: WDWMagic 

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