Some Disney Cruise Line Summer Sailings No Longer Bookable Online Until Late July


**Update**  I have heard from someone that their cruise from the list, in mid-July, has been cancelled. So they might be cancelling them now. 

Disney Cruise Line has already suspended departures into June for the Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy and Disney Wonder. The other ship, the Disney Magic, has sailings cancelled through July 2. Now it seems that additional booking are being pulled from the online booking page–according to the Disney Cruise Line Blog.  They say the next bookable cruise is on July 31, 2020.

It is important to note that they aren’t cancelled, but they aren’t bookable either. I’m calling it a “rumor” for now because we don’t yet know why there wouldn’t be any bookable cruises until July 31.  Here’s a list they offered of the next bookable cruise for each ship:

  • Disney Dream | Friday July 31, 2020 3-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral
  • Disney Fantasy | Saturday August 1, 2020 7-Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Port Canaveral
  • Disney Magic | Monday October 12, 2020 🎃 5-Night Bermuda Cruise from New York
  • Disney Wonder | Friday September 18, 2020 5-Night Baja Cruise from San Diego

If you visit their site they do have a list of all the ships and sailings that show up but aren’t bookable. So they aren’t cancelled and they can’t be booked either.

The Disney Dream has 10 cruises that appear but aren’t bookable going from June 21-July 27, 2020.

Disney Fantasy has 6 cruises that can’t be booked, but are appearing online, ranging in dates from June 20-July 25, 2020.

The Disney Wonder has 11 cruises that are like the other ones mentioned. The dates on these range from July 6 – September 14, 2020. They are the ones that go up to Alaska and into Canada.

Disney Magic has 10 sailings that can’t be booked running from July 13 through October 2, 2020.

Again, these aren’t cancelled, they are just not bookable now. Could it be a glitch on the site, or could they possibly be cancelled soon? Only time will tell. Make sure you visit the Disney Cruise Line Blog HERE for more information on the cruises in question.

Source: Disney Cruise Line Blog – they are where I usually check daily for DCL info.

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