Rumor- Redd the Pirate Getting a Costume Make-Over at Disney Parks


There is a new rumor that fits in with everything we have talked about regarding the changes to the Pirates of the Caribbean auction scene when they added Redd the pirate. The new rumor is that Redd is to receive a costume make-over, and not by the theme park costuming department but by the film costuming department.

The rumor comes from WDWPro over at WDWMagic:

Just got info that Redd the pirate in PotC and in other park appearances will be receiving new attire for a bit of a makeover. The change is planned to occur next year with a ramp up in company attention for the character in June of 2021. The character’s new look is being designed out of the film departments of the company, not Disney Parks, so no details yet on what the new appearance might be. Of course, with the world in the situation that it is, timelines can absolutely change.

This is to change the look for the attention on the character in 2021. Now, we have mentioned many times that we have felt that Disney changed her in the first place to take over the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. There was no real reason to change her and the “internal committee” reason seemed a bit unusual, given no one really seemed to complain about it. In fact, the announcement for the change was audibly booed when it was put forth at D23.

Right off, we figured something was up. Then they started having a face actor play the character around the attraction in Disneyland. Right around that time it was put out there that Johnny Depp might not return too.

Now, Disney is suddenly doing two Pirates of the Caribbean films and one will star Margo Robbie and be written by “Birds of Prey” screenwriter Christina Hodson. Disney seems to be trying to spin off the franchise into a different lead other than Captain Jack Sparrow.

Now, after that announcement, the rumor is Redd is getting changed by the film department.  Yeah, something is up.

Of course it’s all a rumor, but this one fits.

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Source: WDWMagic 

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