Rumor: Possible, Unannounced ‘Star Wars: Venture Maverick’ Game Coming from Digital Arts


Definitely file this one under Rumor, because we don’t have much to go on here.

Apparently, there might be a brand-new online Star Wars game coming from EA called Star Wars: Project Maverick.

The information isn’t confirmed at there has not been any kind of formal announcement of it. It was found due to a “data-mined PlayStation Retailer itemizing.” It came from the twitter account PSN Releases. Run by a bot the account description says: “Notifies you about new Playstation 4 game releases and updates.”

The image that appeared with it simply says “Star Wars: Project Maverick” and shows a Star Destroyer and some X-wings flying over a volcanic planet, perhaps Mustafar.

We don’t know much else about it. Currently EA has the right to develop Star Wars games. It was known they were developing sequel to the Jedi: Fallen Order game and they were working on an “unusual product” with Motive Studios (EA’s Montreal-based studio.) The assumption is this might be that project.

But right now all we have is a possible title and an image.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

Source: bingepost, CCN, Twitter

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