Rumor- New Monorails are Coming to Walt Disney World


There is a new rumor is that Walt Disney World might finally be getting new monorails and they could already be ordered! I actually heard about this rumor a few days ago from WDWNT.

It appears that Bombardier of Canada, the company that made the Mark VI trains for Walt Disney World, have released an earnings report. In this report there is an order for an unnamed North American client with a purchase of $247 million in services, plus $104 million in rolling stock and systems.

The rumor that Disney may be purchasing new monorails is not a new one, in fact Imagineer Bob Gurr had indicated that new monorails were coming back in early 2018, but now it appears that they may have been ordered.

Here’s a look at the orders that WDWNT posted on their site:

(Credit: WDWNT)

Of course this doesn’t meant he client was Disney, but I think there is a strong possibility it is. If it isn’t it should be. Those monorails need to be replaced. Lately there have been so many issues with them, plus they are dirty and they smell.

Hoping this rumor is true. Based on what Bob Gurr said I think it’s likely.

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Source: WDWNT

Image Source: Wikipedia


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