Rumor: Monorail Mark X Coming to EPCOT’s Play Pavilion


Apparently it’s been leaked that there might be a new Monorail Mark X coming as part of EPCOT’s upcoming Play Pavilion. I’m listing this a a rumor though because we don’t know if this is still in play. Insiders have said that a lot of unannounced projects have been canceled or delayed. So until Disney confirms this, it could be one of them.

Where does this rumor come from?

Imaginerding put up a video review of the book The Disney Monorail: Imagineering a Highway in the Sky. It seems he has an advanced copy of the book that is not releasing until September 15, 2020.

The back of the book features an image that looks like a print advertising the Mark X Monorail with the Play Pavilion logo on the upper left corner and “Next stop…Play!” It also says “Monorail Mark X Arriving in EPCOT 2021” and “WEDWAY” on the lower right corner.

(Image Credit: Imaginerding)

On Twitter @TheHorizoneer posted the following:


Another question is whether this is a simulator or actual Monorail?

Some think it’s a simulator but Mr. Penguin on WDWMagic pointed out that the monorail may be extended in or near the pavilion as there is what appears to be a “monorail footer” next to the pavilion.

“Although… probably a big hint that they’ll extend the monorail as predicted by this monorail footer right next to PLAY!…”

WDWNT pointed out that the monorail and WEDWAY appears on the Disney Play concept art:

(image zoom WDWNT)

The fly in the ointment is that we do know that the Play Pavilion is moving forward again, but we don’t know what’s been cut and we have been hearing that cuts have been made to a lot of projects and many were never announced. If this was one of those we can’t say. All we can do is wait and see if we get an official announcement since the book has it in it.

(Image Credit: Imaginerding)

If you are interested in pre-ordering the book for $32.99 you can do so HERE.

Here’s the write-up for the book

Walt Disney is renowned as a cartoonist, filmmaker, showman, and entertainment icon. But he was also a farsighted futurist, a transportation buff with practical roots in the past, and visionary sights set on the future. In imagining Disneyland, Walt saw it not only as a destination for diversion and entertainment, but also as a means of presenting practical demonstrations of new ideas and new technology with real-world applications.

In The Disney Monorail: Imagineering a Highway in the Sky, readers will discover the parallel stories of the development of a new form of transportation and the evolution of Walt’s prophetic creative mind, which together resulted in the first daily operating monorail in the Western Hemisphere. Since June 1959, this mid-century modern marvel has captured the hearts and imaginations of theme park and Disney fans everywhere; it has inspired, as Walt hoped, the creation of working monorails in practical transit applications in varied locations all around the world.
Through a lively and succinct narrative and a stunning collection of unique historical photographs and rare concept and development art (much of it never before published) readers will be transported into a future where yesterday’s dreams are tomorrow’s realities!”
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Sources: Imaginerding on Youtube, @TheHorizoneer, Mr. Penguin/WDWMagic,

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