RUMOR: Marvel’s Eternals Getting A Sequel?



Marvel’s 2021 film Eternals was seen as a massive departure from the typical MCU formula. Not only were there very little connections to any previous MCU characters or events, but original vision of director Chloe Zhao included the Earth being destroyed at the end. So even the creatives behind the film didn’t care about the MCU connections.

The film is currently the lowest rated MCU film sitting at a 47% on Rotten Tomatoes. The story was confusing, the characters dull and the action boring. It was quite a chore to sit through the nearly 2 hours and 40 minute runtime. The film also only earned $402.1 Million world wide against a $200 Million budget. 

With a disappointment this big Marvel won’t risk revisiting this stinker. Right? Well according to a recent rumor it appears they actually might do just that.

Actor Patton Oswalt, who played a minor role in the film’s post-credit sequence, stated that Marvel is indeed planning a follow-up:

They have announced there is going to be an Eternals sequel, and Chloe Zhao is going to direct it. So, hopefully there will be more adventures of Starfox and Pip“.

If this film is indeed getting a sequel then how come it wasn’t announced as part of the Phase 5 or Phase 6 lineup at the recent SDCC reveal event?

If this rumor is real then perhaps they are waiting until after the whole Multiverse Saga has finished to re-introduce them. But there is the chance that Patton Oswalt is just purposefully spreading rumors to try and ignite interest in a sequel. Probably because he needs the work.

Either way it is a very odd choice to give a sequel. The “Eternals” brand didn’t sell that well because nobody knew who these characters were nor were they very interesting. Hopefully if they do try this again it will be done better.

Source: The Direct

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