Rumor: Lucasfilm and Disney Writers Livid Over Luke Skywalker and White Male Leads


It’s cute when people decide to send private group messages behind the scenes, berating huge groups of their customers, and never thinking that some of recipients might not be so on board. Thus it is that I’m bringing to you another substantial rumor about Lucasfilm and Disney post-Mandalorian Season 2.

In case you’re not up to speed on how much certain segments of Lucasfilm actually despise traditional Star Wars fans, take a look at the latest bruhaha. This one features Star Wars Theory (a channel and personality on YouTube) being mercilessly mocked for crying over the return of a heroic version of Luke Skywalker. Who is the bully doing the mocking? Well, it’s Lucasfilm creative executive Pablo Hidalgo. Everyone’s least favorite Chilean is now belittling those who emotionally react to Lucasfilm’s hottest property.

Pablo Hidalgo Mocks Star Wars Theory

But I’m told that the public displays of resentment towards grown men reacting to their childhood hero are just the tip of the iceberg. Behind the scenes, large swaths of Kathleen Kennedy loyalists are messaging back and forth about their disdain for Luke Skywalker – a Caucasian male – being brought back in any valiant form. In fact, I’m even told that individuals at Lucasfilm have been reading articles here on Pirates and Princesses, as well as watching videos on Clownfish TV, and are now actively planning on how they can roadblock the retcon attempts of Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau to make Luke Skywalker a hero once more. The Hidalgos of Lucasfilm are not about to let Star Wars go back to what it once was.

Apparently the discussions are that in future creative meetings and story group sessions, these individuals plan to introduce ideas and narratives that would make a Luke redemption difficult. These wacko creatives are reportedly working in private messages to sabotage attempts by Filoni and Favreau via minor mediums such as graphic novels to push The Last Jedi narrative even harder. The goal is to canonize concepts in the coming years that would prevent the Luke and Grogu from being the future heroes that Favreau has planned. These people are incensed that the reaction to Luke Skywalker in the Mandalorian has been incredible. I sort of think their attempts to subvert Jon Favreau will fail, but we’ll see.

Now, if you can believe it, there is additionally a rumored movement from within Lucasfilm and parts of Disney that are pushing for the cancellation of any Caucasian male leads in any future feature length films for the foreseeable future. We’ve now gone full circle from the days of outright racism to a time once more when we actively discriminate systemically in favor and against certain races. It’s flat out accepted tribalism once more.

Disney Seeks to Make Pirates of the Caribbean All Female

Everything in this article should be considered rumor for right now. I’ve got my sources, but I have not personally seen the original content I’m reporting on. Still, be aware that there is most certainly a schism at Lucasfilm, and a certain segment that detests Luke Skywalker is well at work now to prevent the oncoming 180 as best as they can.

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