RUMOR: Lando Calrissian Disney Plus Series Starring Donald Glover Being Developed?


He played Lando in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Could Donald Glover be returning as a young Lando Calrissian once again?

It’s being rumored that Disney is moving forward with a Lando spinoff series for Disney Plus, though there doesn’t seem to be any official confirmation… yet.

Remember, this week is San Diego Comic-Con, so a lot of big announcements will likely be coming our way. Could this be one of them?

Per Bounding Into Comics, the rumor seems to be coming from Star Wars fan podcaster Noah Outlaw on Twitter.

The rumor comes from Kessel Run Transmission hosts Corey and Noah Outlaw, who previously scooped that a Bad Batch animated series was in development.


The podcast had previously scooped that the Clone Wars spinoff The Bad Batch animated series was in development. It was officially confirmed on soon after.

In April, YouTuber Grace Randolph said she had heard that Disney had not one, but two, Lando Calrissian series in development. The Glover series, being a continuation of Solo, and another starring Billy Dee Williams as an elder Lando Calrissian.

Of course, all of this is just rumor at this point. Disney seems to be at a crossroads with Star Wars right now, and “throwing spaghetti against the wall” to see what sticks with little reason or rhyme.

Some questioned why they’d move forward with a Lando series when they still haven’t nailed down the Obi-Wan series that was announced before Disney Plus launched.

With rumors of a “civil war” brewing within the halls of Lucasfilm, and even more rumors that Disney is trying to get George Lucas to come back to “fix” Star Wars, I wouldn’t bet on anything until it actually starts filming.

[Source: Bounding Into Comics]


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