Rumor: Journey Into Imagination’s Rainbow Corridor to Return To Epcot

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We have yet another rumor to report on from WDWNT.

This time their sources have indicated the Rainbow Corridor, that used to be inside the Imagination Pavilion, will be brought back to Epcot. It will be placed into the upcoming “Epcot Experience Center” that is to be added to the Odyssey building.

Personally, I would love it if it were true. I grew up visiting old Epcot and Journey Into Imagination. I remember going upstairs to the ImageWorks and walking through the “Rainbow Tunnel.”  But I also remember Dreamfinder and miss the old attraction very much!

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The tunnel was part of the attraction until it closed in 1998. It has since been taken down, but according to WDWNT:

Many assumed the Rainbow Corridor was destroyed, but it seems that it was carefully dismantled and saved, ready to return to use somewhere down the road.

The rumor makes it part of the push to get fans on board with the changes

With the park being radically re-imagined as we speak, Disney will use the tunnel in a space also previewing models and concept art of what’s to come, seemingly in an effort to assure guests that what they love about Epcot will live on “well into the future”, despite drastic changes and an invasion of Intellectual Property-based attractions.

It does make sense with the upcoming new show temporarily replacing Illuminations: Reflections of Earth called Epcot Forever. The focus on this show seems to be the old Epcot complete with a lot of the fan favorite songs from 80’s Epcot. In that regard it would fit the themeing.

As for the models giving a look at what’s to come. A lot of Disney Parks fans are very skeptical of what’s being done with Epcot, with many, myself included, calling it “IPcot.”

Is the rumor true though? Like always, until Disney confirms it we won’t know, but this one could be plausible provided that it will fit. Maybe it will just be a piece of the tunnel? I do hope this one is true because I would love to see it again!

Hopefully this will be confirmed. As for what’s being done to Epcot, I’m sure we will learn more at D23 in August.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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