Rumor Has Disney Bringing Back Original Trilogy Characters for Short Films on Disney+

Here is the suggested watch order of Star Wars. May the Force be with you. (Image: Lucasfilm)

I want to preface this article by pointing out that all of this is a rumor and you should take it with a grain of salt, but if it’s true it’s Disney walking back one of the biggest mistakes they ever made with ‘Star Wars.’ If the rumor is to be believed, Lucasfilm is developing a new short films for Disney+ that will feature Han, Luke and Leia. Supposedly. Maybe.

CBR has recently posted a rumor from Shaun O’Rourke. According to the article Lucasfilm will use de-aging technology and CGI to bring original trilogy characters back to their younger selves for a Disney+ offering that will likely be announced at Star Wars Celebration in London.

A rumor of new Disney+ series announcement coming at Star Wars Celebration of a series of short films with Luke, Han, and Leia.”

The rumor is based on assumptions made due to some hashtags and images connected to the Star Wars Celebration even in a few weeks:

The post also included the hashtags #DeepFake and #CGI as well as a de-aged image of Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones, Mark Hamill’s Luke and Carrie Fisher’s Leia, suggesting that these rumored live-action shorts will be set during the Original Trilogy timeline and use deepfake technology to create era-appropriate versions of the main trio. 

If true, this sounds like Disney’s way of walking back one of the biggest mistakes they made with their sequel trilogy. Many fans were led to believe that Han, Luke and Leia would be together again for ‘The Force Awakens.’ While we did see Han and Leia together and later Luke and Leia, kind of together in ‘The Last Jedi’ the trio was never officially reunited on screen. It was the one thing most fans wanted and it would have been incredibly easy to do, but they didn’t do it.

Not long after Carrie Fisher passed away. Even if Disney de-ages Han and Luke, Leia is not going to be Leia.

Many fans have little faith in Disney when it comes to the original trilogy. Especially when it comes to Luke Skywalker.

(This image of Luke Skywalker was allegedly at Lucasfilms during the production of Disney’s sequel trilogy.)

Of course nothing has been confirmed and we likely won’t know for sure until Star Wars Celebration, which is running from April 7-10th.

I’m interested to see if Disney will do this. I’m also equally interested in seeing how it will go over.

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