Rumor: Halloween Horror Nights Might Not Be Completely Dead?


Definitely file this one under “Rumor,” but according to the Far Beyond Infinity Travel Blog and  HHNUnofficial, Halloween Horror Nights 2020 might not be completely dead….only mostly dead. Princess Bride and HHN fans know that there is a difference.

*edit* According to WDWNT there could be two houses opening as of next week:

“Rumored to being next week, two houses are expected to open during the day at Universal Studios Florida. If you look closely at recent park hour changes, September 19 now lists an 8:00 PM close for the park. The new offering would be available only on Saturdays at first, and then Wednesday through Saturday starting in mid-October. No details are available on the logistics of exactly how these houses would work in light of new health and safety measures.”

Original story continued:

The word is that Universal might be trying to do “some form of reduced HHN at Universal Studios Park in Orlando.” Of course it’s all a rumor as Universal has been furloughing staff and with pandemic guidelines it could be difficult to pull off. But, they do need to find some ways to bring extra revenue in, so perhaps this one way?

Where is this rumor coming from?

I think it has to do with the fact that Universal Orlando has just extended some operating hours for the Universal Studios park on some days in October. Now, Universal is seeing a drop in attendance but weekends are pretty busy there, so it could be because of that, but many hopeful HHN fans are hoping for some form of Halloween Horror Nights.

HHNUnofficial also noted:

It’s impossible to commit here to all the rumors we have received at HHNU HQ but it would point to some form of add-on ticket likely being offered to day guests to possibly give them access to the Soundstage houses. We’ve heard from a number of Scareactor and technicians who have been called back for these select houses.

So whilst whatever is being planned will be no where near the level of HHN, this could be a smaller affair, a Diet Coke HHN if you please. In at least, that’s the rumor…. for now…..

It is an interesting rumor and I’m sure a lot of people hope it’s true! I had heard that the houses were being dismantled, but by the sounds of it they are hearing from multiple Scareactors and techs, so they likely have better information here!

I can’t wait to see if this one pans out!

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Sources: Far Beyond Infinity Travel Blog (Make sure you check them out if you need to book a trip), HHNUnofficial

edited to add: WDWNT

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