Rumor: George Lucas Would Consider Returning to Star Wars If He Had Full Control


Star Wars has been in decline since The Last Jedi and now The Rise of Skywalker, when adjusted for inflation, could be one of the slowest performers in the franchise.

Now more than ever, Lucasfilm could use an image boost and there was talk that Disney / Lucasfilm were discussing a potential position for George if he would want to come back. I did an article about that rumor back on January 2.

The newest rumor builds upon that past one. According to We Got This Covered, George Lucas would be interested in returning but he would want full control.

“According to sources close to We Got This Covered….Lucas has said he’ll return but only if he has full creative control over the franchise. From what we’re told, he thinks the studio has made a mess of it and feels he needs a great amount of control to get it back on track.”

Other than The Mandalorian, fans are split on the Star Wars universe under Disney. The Obi-Wan show had a chance at uniting the fans more, but now that is likely on hold over “creative differences” and people are wanting a change at Lucasfilm.  So this all lines up with what we’ve been hearing about in our pop culture circles.

George Lucas would want to bring in Dave Filoni to help turn it around, which would likely be a good choice seeing that he has worked with George for years and is the man behind Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars: Rebels and a big part of The Mandalorian.

The same sources also indicated that Disney and Lucasfilm aren’t on board with that idea. They likely want George to come back in a capacity as a consultant.

Of course they do. Then they can use George as more of a figure head, in an attempt to appease fans, and then continue making the decisions that put the franchise where it is now. That’s my opinion of course, but why else would you bring George Lucas back and then make him only a consultant?

There is also a rumor that Kevin Feige from Marvel is interested in taking over Star Wars when he is done with Marvel.

As of now it’s all just rumor and speculation, but we’ve been thinking that Kathleen Kennedy would leave next year with Bob Iger, so there might be kernels of truth to a lot of the talk about replacing her.

But for me I’m more inclined to root for Lucas and Filoni.

We will keep you posted if anything official is announced!

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