Rumor: Filming on New Star Wars Film Could Being In Spring 2023


The future of ‘Star Wars’ movies has been unclear as of late. We’ve seen several announcements of projects that remain unproduced, canceled or still sit in production limbo. A new rumor seems to indicate that at least one of the announced films, likely Taika Waititi’s film, will start production soon.

According to YouTube channel MakingStarWars there seems to be rumored movement on a film coming out of their sources at Pinewood Studios in London. The rumor indicates set construction for a new film will begin in Spring of 2023.

Here’s what was said:

I was talking to some people at Pinewood and there’s some evidence that they will be shooting a Star Wars movie. I don’t think shooting, beginning construction on a Star Wars movie around April to May. So if you think about it, this might actually be a good sign for the Taika Waititi project. How it sounds like it’s going to go is Taika is going to turn in his movie around December and then they’ll know. And if it does happen, around April or May they will start making sets. That’s what I have heard. That’s me, okay?”

Trying to interpret this it seems that Taika Waititi is to turn in his script in December and IF Lucasfilm approves of it, the sets will start to be built sometime in April or May of 2023.

Again, this is a rumor and a lot of “if this happens then” type discussion, but we do know that Taika Waititi’s film was supposed to start filming early 2023. We also know the next slated ‘Star Wars’ film for theatrical release is set for 2025. One could argue that it is possible it could be another ‘Star Wars’ film too. There are several in development currently.

Right now it’s just hearsay so take it as you will.

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