Rumor: Escape Rooms Could Be Coming to Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

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We have yet another rumor today. (I have honestly never heard this one.) It comes from the site Notes From Neverland.

Disney may be considering adding Escape Rooms to some of their resort hotels.

According to the author, someone reached out to them with this information:

A new escape room style activity may be coming to select resorts at Walt Disney World in the near future. According to a reliable source who reached out to us, Disney is looking to create small-scale experiences at a few resorts that can entertain guests with puzzles matching the overall themes found at the resort.

Reportedly this possible new offering would come to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and the Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort first.

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These escape rooms would be themed to each resort, as the Walt Disney Resorts do have special theming unique to the location.

Escape rooms for those that don’t know are timed puzzle rooms that you must solve to “escape.” You win if you escape under the time limit.

Actually, this rumor makes sense. Escape rooms have become more and more popular in the last couple of years as have VR experiences. Disney Springs and Downtown Disney District both have the VR experience with each having a location of The Void. So moving into less involved escape rooms sounds plausible.

They don’t take a lot of room to set up. We’ve been to them before and more than one adventure could easily be placed int a small building. The ones near us offer 2-3 options and the area of the business is relatively small.

The rumor is these rooms would start out at those resorts, and depending on the test markets, other resort hotels could see their own rooms being added.

Regular escape rooms can cost between $20-$40 a person. So I’m sure Disney would love to add some of these and because you can’t move a lot of people through at once, they are usually done in groups with a limited number allowed in a group, the prices would be on the higher side.

I will say that they are a lot of fun! I do think it would be a nice addition for guest who want to have a resort day, or guests looking for something different to try.

Right now it is just a rumor and nothing has been confirmed or announced.

Stay tuned for more information if it becomes available.

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Source: Notesfromneverland

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