RUMOR: Disney’s ‘Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Hotel’ Stage Show Details Leaked?

Over the past few weeks, a source familiar with the upcoming ‘Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Hotel‘ has been feeding us bits of info. We think we can piece together what goes on during the stunt show inside the Galactic Starcruiser. The Star Wars experience will indeed come complete with a lightsaber battle, unlike what the parks have offered before, apparently.

(Photo Credit: Disney)

We’ve heard it through the source that a show that takes place within the starcruiser is a special effects extravaganza. Like the “spared no expense” sort of extravaganza. The “I just paid you a few thousand dollars you better entertain me” sort of extravaganza.

At some point, the starcruiser is boarded by the First Order. Kylo Ren intimidates guests before being confronted by Rey. It was not clarified by our source when Rey shows up during the show. She may have been aboard the ship this whole time or arrives on the Millenium Falcon “just in time.”

The battle may take place mostly on the mezzanine level. This would keep the cast members away from the guests, allowing them to make more acrobatic moves without risk of coming into contact with the people who just dropped a few grand to roleplay for the weekend.

Throughout the stage where this battle takes place, there are several fog emitters and points that spit out sparks as the lightsabers collide with the environment. These sparks will be coming out of the walls and railings.

Given that Kylo likes to make wide slashes in the films, this makes sense. Hopefully, there will be a destructible control panel where he can have a little fit at. I’d pay $1-$2k to watch a cast member bash a console while having daddy issues.

Some force powers will be on display as well. Keeping in mind that this experience is for kids and adults, don’t expect any force choking. That’s for later when mom and dad go back to the room while you’re at Jedi training, Billy.

There will, however, be a sequence where either Rey or Kylo is force pushed or pulled across the stage. If this does occur on the mezzanine, whatever rigging they have for this effect will be well hidden from guests’ eyes. Don’t expect the actors to moonwalk or pull a mime-fighting-the-wind sort of performance.

Our source says the show is quite stunt-heavy. Flips, kicks, and tumbles are what we’ve heard.

At one point, our source said that Kylo would attempt to injure guests by either using his lightsaber or force powers to pull down a part of the ship’s interior. He will, of course, be vanquished by Rey. Whether she uses her force powers or incapacitates Kylo is unclear.

A classic hero will appear during this event as well, which will probably be Chewbacca. We’re guessing Chewy based on the assumption that Rey will arrive in the Falcon. He’s also one of the few classic characters left in the sequel trilogy.

That’s about it for the rumor. There may be multiple shows during the stay. This is the only one we’ve been tipped off about so far.

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