Rumor: Disney Working on “Amazon Prime” Type Membership Program


There is a new Walt Disney Company rumor circulating thanks to an article in the Wall Street Journal. Allegedly Disney is looking into offering some kind of membership program similar to Amazon Prime. WSJ says Disney is possibly seeking “to package streaming, parks and merchandise offerings together” and “aims to add commerce feature to Disney+.”

Disney will be looking for new ways to squeeze more money out of customers willing to pay under the guise of “value.” The goal seems to be a way to “encourage customers to spend more on it’s streaming services, theme parks, resorts and merchandise” by offering discounts or “perks.” As if people weren’t already spending too much.

But something like this would also give Disney a lot more information on people’s spending habits and and preferences. Bob Chapek has made numerous comments about they data they have on people from Disney+ and visiting the parks. Anyway they can get more information on guests and customers to try and get more money of them the happier he seems to be.

WSJ says that “people familiar with discussions” are comparing this membership program to something like Amazon Prime where free shipping, streaming and other perks come with membership. They are even saying internally it’s being called “Disney Prime.”

Of course Bob Chapek is all about the “cross-sell.” In fact the article discusses a new feature Disney is working on for the Disney+ service that will work “to enable subscribers to its Disney+ streaming service to buy merchandise associated with some of its shows by scanning a code on the service.”

Something like this is already on Hulu. If you have the ad screen pop up there are QR codes you can scan or it will send to a nearby device to take you to a particular site or product. Disney already has technology in place and could easily roll it out on Disney+ later this year.

For now it’s just something they are reportedly looking into, but if Disney can get more money from customers, while getting more data and making people think it’s a “value” he will do it.

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Source: Wall Street Journal 

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