Rumor: Disney Will Be Using “Premier Access” For Other Films In The Future


We just posted the story about ‘Mulan’ and the “Premier Access” information that was posted in regards to “purchasing” the film on September 4th. For those that don’t know “Premier Access” gives the purchaser access to view the film as much as they want and ahead of it’s release to Disney+, however, it’s only active as long as you are a subscriber of the streaming service.  Now Murphy’s Universe has seemingly got confirmation that “Mulan” will be the first but more films will also have “Premier Access” options.

According to the blog, they contacted Disney+ about the service and they were told that “Mulan” would be not be the only film and more were coming:

FOR NOW WE have Mulan, but when time goes by, the premier access WILL BE MORE UPDATED and more movies to watch.

They went a step further and had another person contact Disney+ to ask a similar question and this time they were told:

“As of now, there’s no announcement yet for the list of Movies. But we guarantee you that Disney+ will offer you more Amazing Movies.”

When they asked again they were sent to the page on Disney+ about Premiere Access. But they indicated that the page will stay but the info (film title, date, etc.) can be changed for whatever the latest offering will be.

It’s all interesting. Especially since CEO, Bob Chapek, was asked if this was “the new business model” in the Q3 investor call and he indicated it was a “one-off,” but finished by leaving it open and said something about seeing how it goes.  Perhaps Chapek’s response was in regards to the box office and if movies can release to enough people? Having this option in case the box office can’t reopen, or reopen to enough people, would be a good option for Disney. Or maybe they would do this in conjunction with new releases. Offer it in theaters for a week or two and then to Disney+ subscribers, who may not want to go to the theater to see a new film.

I still think we could see this “Premier Access” being used for ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Marvel’ shows besides upcoming films, or we could see some kind of “Premier” subscription tier where those that pay for it could get early access or all of a show in one chunk as opposed to weekly dumps, for a “premier price.”

This is all speculation of course, but what we do know is that Disney needs money. The parks aren’t performing as well as they had hoped and Disney+ is their bright spot right now. As we have seen with Disney, if there’s a way to upcharge and squeeze more money out of something, they are going to do it, all while telling the customer that it’s more “magical.” But the truth is, many will pay it and they know it.

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Source: Murphy’s Multiverse

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