RUMOR: Disney to “Update” Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios


The Following Report is a “Rumor”, so take the following story with a grain of salt.

A recent report shows that Disney has filed a permit for the Location on which the Tower of Terror resides. The permit does not specify many details about any of the changes. It could be for some minor changes such as reducing the amount of Plexiglass with the recent restriction lifts.

These could also be a temporary change to the attraction to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World, similar to when Disney occasionally makes changes to the Disney Castle during Anniversary Celebrations.

But there are those who fear plans for a Re-Theming as the Tower of Terror Ride in Disney’s California Adventure was Re-Themed to Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” in 2017.

The Tower of Terror is a popular attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Formerly Disney-MGM Studios) which opened in 1994. The Ride was based on the concept of being a “Lost Episode” of the popular Rod Serling Television Series “The Twilight Zone” which ran from 1959 – 1964.

The Property was licensed from Viacom (Now ViacomCBS) as the park was conceived to be themed after “Hollywood”. Disney licensed outside properties to attract guests, like how Universal licenses properties like Harry Potter from Warner Bros. and The Simpsons from 20th Century Fox (Now owned by Disney) for their parks.

In 2004 a version of the ride opened up at Disney’s California Adventure, but was closed in 2017 as Disney was at the time planning a Marvel-Land for the Park, that included removing the entire “A Bug’s Land” area to make room for Avengers’ Academy, which became the Avengers Campus that will open next month. Since the Tower of Terror was in close proximity to that area Disney decided to double dip and re-theme the ride to Guardians of the Galaxy to expand the reach of the Marvel-Land for the park.

The recent permit this has lead some to speculate if this is perhaps more than just a minor update and instead plans to completely re-theme the ride so they no longer have to pay royalties to ViacomCBS over the Twilight Zone IP.

Even though the ride is an iconic part of Hollywood Studios that doesn’t make it safe, as Disney Removed the “Great Movie Ride” in 2017, a ride which had been there since the park’s opening in 1989.

Hollywood Studio’s “Symbol” was originally the Mickey Mouse Water Tower, which has since been removed. Then it became the Mickey’s Wizard Hat, which was also removed. Now the Tower of Terror is currently the Park’s Symbol, you’ll see it on T-shirts, mugs and all sorts of merchandise. If the ride does indeed change what would be the Parks Symbol then? 

Again these are just rumors, we shall see if this is just a minor update, or if Disney’s continued habit of re-theming attractions might claim another fan favorite.

Sources: Inside the Magic, WDW News Today 

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